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2014 Champion Lisa Lambert

Online Learning the Right Fit

Page 11 - Lisa Lambert 2Online learning can be an excellent fit for adults thinking about continuing their education.

It's a great way to pick up courses while working at your own pace and balancing other commitments, including work and parenting.

Brantford resident Lisa Lambert is a 19-year-old mother of two who is determined to get her Ontario Secondary School Diploma as soon as she can.

Despite having major back surgeries, Lisa is attending the Rawdon Street location of Grand Erie Learning Alternatives, working hard to maximize the number of credits she earns in one semester.

She has been working one-on-one with teachers through e-learning, from both home and school.

Those considering online studies should ask themselves several questions:
• How are my computer skills?
• Am I willing to ask for help when it's needed?
• Do I have good time-management skills?
• Am I able to meet projected deadlines independently?

Lisa admits that it can be difficult to balance school work with the time needed to care for her children, aged three and one.

"I have to use every minute I have to either take care of someone or work on my homework."
But, with emotional support from her boyfriend, teachers and friends, Lisa demonstrates that with a will, there's a way.

Story by Jaymie Nelson

Photo by Keepsake Photography