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2014 Champion Jacobb Watkins

Preparing for College with Literacy Programming

Page 11 - Jacobb WatkinsAn unidentified learning disability, and hearing and vision impairments made high school impossible for Jacobb Watkins.

Feeling like he wasn't receiving the help and support he needed, he dropped out.

After searching unsuccessfully for work, Jacobb applied to Mohawk College's Academic Upgrading program. Unable to meet the entrance requirements, he enrolled in the college's Literacy and Basic Skills (LSB) program.

At the same time, Jacobb was able to identify his mild dyslexia, and get proper hearing aids and glasses so he could continue his education to the best of his ability.

After making great strides in the literacy program, Jacobb was referred to Grand Erie Learning Alternatives' adult day school. He divided his days between his studies there and the LSB program.

That same school year, he graduated with his Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

After some time trying to find work in order to save for college, Jacobb returned to LBS as a volunteer and to keep up his study habits.

In January, he started classes in the Social Service Worker Program at Mohawk College. He's now on a career path that will allow him to help others overcome their challenges, just as he did.

"My biggest success so far as been graduating and moving on to college."

Story by Jaymie Nelson

Photo submitted by Jacobb Watkins