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2014 Champion Denis Fitch

At a Crossroads in Life, Plan which Road to Take

Page 8 - Denis FitchA truck driver for 18 years, Denis Fitch was used to being at crossroads.

But a serious accident forced him to consider to taking a different path in life when he decided he no longer wanted to drive for a living.

Denis, now 35, knew that changing careers wouldn't be easy. Having quit high school in Grade 9, his options were limited.

Undeterred and knowing that earning his Grade 12 diploma was the first step, Denis completed his GED without any assistance.

Once he had his mind set on a career in engineering, staff at Fanshawe College's James N. Allan Campus in Simcoe registered him for the math programs he needs to enrol in college.

"It's nerve wracking at first," said Denis. "But as you succeed, the rewards you get along the way give you the momentum to keep going. If you look at a flight of steps, the top one seems so far away, but once you start climbing, you see that it is achievable."

Denis is now working on a technical math credit to meet the entry requirements for the Electromechanical Engineering Program at Fanshawe, with a goal to start in September.

The plan, said Denis, took a lot of soul searching, many college tours and informational interviews, and talks with college staff members.

He now stands as a role model to other upgrading students who, as youths, may not have made education a priority. He is encouraging his step-children to follow his lead and pursue post-secondary studies.

Story by Jaymie Nelson

Photo by Keepsake Photography