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2014 Champion Bev Case

Family Homework Time

Page 13 - Bev Case At the Case household, homework is a family affair.

Since mom Bev Case recently returned to school, evenings have been reserved for studies.

"I have a different motivation now as a 40-year-old than I did at 20 years old," says the Hagersville resident. "I know that every day I am working towards making life easier for my family."
As an unemployed single parent of three children who was struggling to get by on a limited income, Bev knew things had to change. Unsure what path to take, she went to Fanshawe College's Community Career and Employment Services Centre for advice, never dreaming school would be the next step.

"I didn't want to walk into class the first day feeling like a mom. I wanted to feel like a well-equipped student."

So Bev focused on enhancing her written communication skills. She attended upgrading once a week and got one-on-one support with a teacher who would eventually be her college communications professor -- and her mentor.
With three children, scheduling and attending classes for the Social Service Worker program is a challenge but, with a focus on time management, Bev has made it work.

She says the experience has been a positive change for her family. Her kids understand her workload and are doing their part.

Bev is leading by example and her oldest daughter, a Grade 10 student, now has a 93% average and loves learning alongside her mom.

Story by Jaymie Nelson

Photo by Keepsake Photography