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2013 Champion - Michelle Horsley

Driven to succeed


Brantford resident Michelle Horsley knew what she wanted to achieve, and any suggestion she couldn’t do or learn something only made her more determined to prove she could.

When Michelle was in high school, her mother and guidance counsellor wanted her to be part of a special education program, which would give her a certificate of completion, not a diploma.

Michelle felt she wouldn’t be able to find a job or further her education unless she had her diploma and said that if she moved to that program she would drop out of school. She stuck to her guns, and graduated with a diploma.

When Michelle decided she wanted her driver’s licence, she was told she couldn’t do it. But once again, she persevered. Michelle saved her money, took a driver’s education course twice, and even took her support worker from Community Living Brant to car lots in order to get some practice driving.

Now fully licensed and the proud owner of a car, Michelle has a part-time job, and more important, “I have freedom to do whatever I want.”

Her experience has made her determined to help others, and through Community Living Brant, she has volunteered to help special education students at Tollgate Tech in their driver’s education courses.

“I just want to see people get their licence,” Michelle said. “I want the students to be successful.”

Michelle has plans to become a pet groomer. She has to save money to pay for the course, but like her other goals, this is one Michelle is sure to achieve.

Story by Rob Rombouts

Photo by Blackbird Photography