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2013 Champion - Lynda Davis

Education was an investment in talent


When Lynda Davis graduated from high school, she thought about going to college, but knew there were plenty of job opportunities, even if she didn’t.

Still, the Simcoe resident always kept the thought of college in the back of her mind. Lynda began working with Freudenberg-NOK a Tillsonburg company, and started a family. Wanting to improve her career prospects, Lynda began a distance education program with Northern College, to obtain her Business diploma.

Lynda studied, one course at a time, often getting up at 5 a.m. and going to work early to study for a few hours. This allowed her to focus on her family when she got home from work. She graduated from the program in 2011, and is working toward a certificate in management and a Professional Manager designation from the Canadian Institute of Management.

Lynda knew getting her diploma would give her more opportunities for career success, and her employer supported her in these efforts. The company helped cover the cost of her education, providing tuition reimbursement for some of the courses, which she said was definitely useful when she was concerned about other costs, like a mortgage and raising a family.

It makes sense for companies to support the development of their workers, Lynda said. “It demonstrates a company supports and values its people and want to promote from within.”

During her studies, Lynda migrated through several positions with her company, with increasing levels of responsibility. If an employee is seeking education or tuition support from a company, Lynda said it’s important to put a case together and show what the education or training can offer the company in return. It’s all about return on investment. “If they support it,” Lynda said, “they want to see how financially it will get them more money out in the long run.”

Looking at the job market now, Lynda would recommend people go to school. “A good job is not readily available without education,” she said. “You’re never too old. I wouldn’t think twice about going back. There are so many opportunities to support education. It’s sad when you see people not taking advantage of them.”

Story by Rob Rombouts

Photo by Blackbird Photography