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2013 Champion - Felicia Long

Grand Erie Learning Alternatives offers a second chance to be role-models


Sometimes there are second chances in life.

For many of our champions, adult and continuing education programs gave them a second chance to complete their Secondary School diplomas and be better role models for their children. Their experience has set them on the path to more education or better paying jobs.

Felicia Long, of Brantford, always had good marks in high school, but she was bored and stopped caring about school. This led to a slippery slope and she soon dropped out. While she wanted to go back to school a few times, she didn’t have the real push until she found out she was pregnant.

With new motivation Felicia earned her Grade 12 and PSW accreditation through Grand Erie Learning Alternatives. She excelled in the course, often working ahead. And her desire to be a role model for her son kept her going. “If my son ever doubts himself he can say, ‘My mom went back, and finished, and I can, too,” Felicia said.

Felicia is now employed as a PSW and her career is thriving.

With some experience on her resume, and a renewed love of education, Felicia is thinking of going back to school again, this time to college or university to focus on social work.

“I made mistakes in my life, and I want to help repay people who helped, by paying it forward.”


Story by Rob Rombouts

Photo by Blackbird Photography